Cache Retreat derives its name from Cache Valley (pronounced "Cash") which was so named because early fur trappers cached their furs from the surrounding mountains on the valley floor where they could be shipped to the fur trading companies.   Cache Valley is about 80 miles north of Salt Lake City and straddles the Utah/Idaho border.  It is a mountainous valley at about 4200' with the surrounding mountains rising to about 10,000'.    The Wellsville Mountains shown in the  photo to the right are 10 miles across the valley floor from  the kennel area.  It is not a view seen in Kansas!

Because of the high elevation and surrounding mountains, the kennel area receives considerable snow and winter temperatures about 10 degrees colder than those reported for Salt Lake.  Snow falling in early December usually persists until spring melting in March.   The winter conditions are ideal for the dogs and a pain in the posterior for the care-taker.

 The grounds around the kennels are well-maintained.  Visitors in July cannot believe the change from winter conditions to the lush vegetation seen in the photos to the right.  Personally, I think that outstanding Saints  look even better with well-kept grounds surrounding the runs.


I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve on the board of the Saint Bernard Club of America in several offices including 6 years as President.  I chaired the committee that produced the Illustrated Commentary, the visual guide to our breed standard.  In 2007 I was honored by the SBCA with the Lifetime Member award.  The Breeder's Achievement Award for the outstanding exhibit at the National Specialty was first awarded in 1995 and I have won the award 8 times since its inception.  The SBCA membership has elected me to judge the National Specialty 4 times, a responsibility not taken lightly.  Enough tooting of one's horn, hopefully you can see that I am  not a new kid on the block.